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Who we are?

Something about us
The DUPINI Group was founded in March 2000 with ambition to create attractive community of young people with youthful spirit, which strives to new creativity and experiment.

The DUPINI association was established in December 2000 as non-profit organisation as a result of long-lived collaboration of artists from Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. It is a non-governmental organisation working in the field of arts and culture.

Our aims
DUPINI aims to create and expand the cultural space in Bulgaria and abroad, looking for dialogue between various organisations and people with expressive individuality and different interests. We are seeking new and various forms for representing art creation and culture communication, while popularising our national traditions and trying to find new ways for contemporary interpretation.

Our activities
DUPINI introduces to people and organisations around the world programmes and ideas, aimed at activate international cultural exchange and inter-cultural dialogue. The association cooperates with organisations and people who work in the field of intellectual activities.

Some of our projects